Friday, October 2, 2009

#029 - da mob so far...

now that i have enough models in the army, i can finally piece together how it will look on paper... so here goes:

gutstab gobsmasha - 90 pt
kombi-skorcha, big choppa, 'eavy armour, cybork body, bosspole

'toolz' murfy - 100 pt
choppa, mek's toolz, kustom force field, cybork body, 'eavy armour

wogrot's wreckaz (5 nobz) - 155 pt
3x kombi-skorcha, 2x big choppa, 'eavy armour, stikkbomms

chainz' burnas (5 burnas) - 75 pt
mek w/ big shoota, 4x burnas

trakka's mob (6 kommandos) - 115 pt
nob w/ power klaw & 'eavy armour, burna, 4x slugga/choppa, stikkbomms

shadez's mob (6 kommandos) - 90 pt
nob w/ big choppa & 'eavy armour, 2x rokkit launcha, 3x slugga/choppa, stikkbomms

boyz mob (27 boyz) - 197 pt
nob w/ big choppa & bosspole, 26x slugga/choppa

irongob's krew (10 'ard boyz) - 130 pt
nob w/ big choppa, big shoota, 8x shoota/choppa, 'eavy armour, stikkbomms

big gunz - 123 pt
3x zzap gunz, 12x krew, runtherd w/ prod

looted wagon - 125 pt
boomgun, big shoota, 'ard case, grot riggers

looted wagon - 100 pt
skorcha, 2x big shoota, 'ard case, red paint job, armour plates, grot riggers, stikkbomm chukkas, reinforced ram

which gives me exactly 1300 pt assembled, and in need of another 200 to make a round numbered army... so here's what im thinking with that - another 4 burnas and 1 mek with kustom mega blasta (spanna) as well as 2 ammo grotz (85 pt), then a deff dred with 3 dread CC and a skorcha, grot riggers and armour plates (110 pt, counts as troops from big mek)... which means the burnas go inside the skorcha wagon to benefit from power weapons, though only at initiative 3 on the charge (still beats fists)... however, since theyre all template weapons, they ignore cover saves and auto hit, so whatever is left when the assault comes is pretty much toasted... the dred works as a can opener in this list, 'plan a' as it were, doing 4 attacks at strength 10, ignoring armour, and striking before carnifex and fists again...

'plan b' comes next on the table, once more using the burnas and grotz at 85 pt, but this time including multiple trukks, with red paint jobs, stikkbomm chukkas, armour plates and a reinforced ram (so 65 pt each)... this leaves me with an overage of 15 pt, which is easily solved by taking the stikkbomms off of the 'ard boyz and the nobz - now it's back to being 1500 even... throw the boss and nobz in the skorcha wagon, 'ard boyz with big mek in one trukk, and the burnas in the other trukk... right now plan b is more appealing to the style of the warband - two kommando teams outflank, 3 transports push up the middle, and the boyz hold the backfield with the zzap gunz and looted 'doosa'... a totally different view than i started with (was hoping for deff koptas and kommandos for an all outflank battle), but one that is shaping up nicely all the same...


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