Monday, January 19, 2009

#010 - failure

i have failed myself... im not proud of the fact, but it happened... i was not able to finish my sisters in time, so i did not go to the tournament... standards, you know... i wasnt about to travel out of state with an army that was mostly primer white, and still missing 6 models (something else entirely wrong) on the hope that because i drove so far they'd let me play anyway... i wanted to play with an army i could be proud of, but without the pride there was no army... some people i know don't understand how the whole "i have pride in my paint" works because they don't paint... poo on them... painting is just as much a part of the game as the dice are...

in any event, i now have 20 days to play test, modify and paint my beasts of chaos for a 2250 fantasy tournament... as of right now i have a good theoryhammer list:

- doombull (general)
- wargor of khorne w/ 25 beastmen
- wargor of nurgle w/ 25 beastmen
- bray shaman, lv2
- 3 minotaurs of nurgle
- 25 khorngors
- 10 warhounds
- 10 warhounds
- 3 dragon ogres
- 6 ogre bulls (for the impact hits)

of course, with almost 3 weeks to train, this list will probably see one or two revisions as time goes on... tomorrow night i have a battle against the new chaos warriors, and wednesday should be a magic heavy vampire counts list with a rumored 2 vargulfs... luckily i have extra shamans for that battle should i need them... something tells me i will lol... /post

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  1. Im semi voting for the great bray shaman to lead his herd to victory. wish you luck tomorrow tell me how it goes.