Thursday, January 22, 2009

#012 - death and beasts

so how did i fare against vampires? incredibly well, considering i was using beasts - i lasted 5 full turns against an army i should have fled from immediately...

things i did right:
- units that cause fear and have frenzy dont need fear checks
- taking 2 trios of nurgle minotaurs because they dont die
- keeping the doombull within 12" of units i knew would break

things i did wrong:
- keeping linebreakers near hound packs, which caused panic checks
- not marching my bestigors up further
- warhounds dont pack enough punch at 10x each

the main problem with facing the vampire army i did was it happened to be a cheese list... 2 units of zombies, some dire wolves, 5 blood knights, cairn wraiths with a banshee, 2 corpse carts... then a vampire lord, 2 vampire heroes, and a wight king in one unit of skeletons... with a battle standard... and a banner of regeneration... that brick was impossible to damage...

all in all, i feel my list should hold up well against armies that dont cause blanket fear or have blanket immune to psychology... i think im going to split up my warhounds so i can have three packs instead of two - the rank bonus really doesnt help unless i take more of them or attack smaller units... possibly throw my doombull into one of the minotaur trios, since i now have two of them to work with... ill keep looking over what i can trim and replace with... still have two weeks left to go... /post

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