Thursday, December 18, 2008

#001 - the beginning

so i was told a while back i should start a "gaming blog" to keep track of all my projects and what have you... at the time i thought it was a silly idea... now that im in the middle of several projects and several games, it seems to be a good idea... so what have i been up to in the past month?

first and foremost, the image to your left is my newly completed nurgle plague tower for 40k apocalypse... it stands 15" from treads to tip, and consists of a chaos land raider, a tower constructed from basswood, a forge world imperial heavy mortar, and a lot of spare bits and green stuff... the best part about nurgle models is the messier you make them, the more accurate the depiction... hooray being in character!!

this is the second super-heavy vehicle i have recently completed, the first being my iron warriors baneblade... pics will follow for that at a later time... on an interesting note, i have lost interest in making little models now that i have gotten into more epic creations... let's face it, when you spend 3 weeks planning and constructing a 90 scale foot siege tower, assembling a squad is no challenge...

that is why my next project will be a true-scale warhound titan made from basswood and plasticard for my imperial forces... i have the plans i found online, and already tested them using posterboard and painters tape, so all that's left is to make the scaffolding and cover with plating... this will be in preparation for a massive imperial army that will include mechanicus forces, and possibly imperial flyers when i get some money up... /post

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