Friday, December 19, 2008

#002 - it continues

so this is my baneblade, as promised... it took 8 hours to assemble and paint, and it was, until the construction of my plague tower, my largest project... so far it's record is 2 apocalyptic explosions, taking out the enemy squads that killed it with love and shrapnel... it did, however manage to get its big cannon off and murder lots of people, so its not all bad...

thats the problem with big stuff in apocalypse - theyre instant fire magnets... as soon as you put a super-heavy or gargantuan creature on the table, it draws fire from every tank and heavy weapon within range... which is great for infantry-based armies like i use, but it kills too little before it inevitably gets hounded... i think thats why i built a second super-heavy model for chaos, just to have a plan B on the field at the same time... which, again, is why i keep my armies infantry-based instead of relying on vehicles... /post

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