Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#006 - massed infantry

so now that i have the color scheme down, my guardsmen need to get some paint on them... which is fine - ive got the time this week... the problem, however, is i have 73 single models and 8 heavy weapon teams involved in this process... a lot of caffeine and unhealthy carbs have flowed through my veins today, but in a single 24 hour period (minus sleep, errands, bathroom breaks, and hitting the laundromat) i have managed to flock all 73 single bases, ink all 73 bases, and apply the first color (out of 8) to all 73 bases...

right now my paint table looks exactly like the picture - all the models sitting there waiting for the next step in the assembly line of painting goodness... the breakdown of the entire deal is as follows:

56 standard issue cadians with lasguns
7 vox operators
5 lascannon teams
3 autocannon teams
2 grenade launchers
2 plasma guns
2 melta guns
2 flamers
1 officer with bolt pistol / chainsword
1 officer with plasma pistol / power sword

on another note, i also started doing concept work for my fantasy beastmen army, finding a nice way to handle the skin of my ogre bulls (yes, ogre bulls) and fully painted a single warhound (which came out looking rather nice)... id like to have this army done by my birthday, so ive got six weeks from now to make it badass...

then on yet another note, my reaper mini arrived today - a young woman in robes with an open book... she will be used to represent my character in dark heresy, who happens to be a tongue-bound psyker... im actually looking forward to this game most of all... nothing says fun times like "scooby doo meets the holocaust"... /post

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