Friday, February 13, 2009

#013 - new things

so ive been away for a while, and rightfully so... my laptop finally gave out to the forces of the interwebs, got a virus, and will be reformatted for service once more in the army of doom... in related news, i has a new laptop of incredibly tiny proportions, which is what i am currently working on now...

in recent news, i didn't place dead last at my first fantasy tournament... in fact, i placed 10th of 14... lost the first game to vampire counts (a balanced army this time)... won the second game in a sweep against ogre kingdoms... lost the third game in good spirits against orcs & goblins (and coined the phrase "the grot's tots")...

but for relating this blog to the picture, as i often do, i have announced my orcs and goblins shall be participating in the warhammer fantasy escalation league - 1000/1625/2250 respectively... so i tested my 1000 point list against wood elves yesterday...

result: tie, my advantage by 55 pt

my list had a lot to do with it... at so little points, i figured the only way i was going to survive was to maximize my troops, and i did... 131 night goblins and 4 spear chukkas... my list does not need to change ;) /post


  1. Congrats on not coming in dead last. That was my goal as well the last tourny I was at, lol.

  2. Shame you didn't come in dead last. I got a free stegadon out of the deal. Also, how do I sign up for the escalation league??