Sunday, February 22, 2009

#016 - knowing its half a battle

so today saw my first new 40k game of the new year - sisters of battle (me) versus world eaters (victor from the store)... half a game, my favor by the time he had to leave... he had a fairly decent list, but the problem with going against sisters is always the bolter gunline... plus two exorcists... it doesnt pay to stand against them...

so next sunday is the fantasy escalation league, at which the green divas will be strutting up and down the field in their pink finery... i still havent decided if i should orc out my force a little bit (namely by dropping a goblin spear squad and fanatic and replacing), or keeping it all the same... i'll probably come up with another list or two during the week to test out saturday... simple enough task, really...

as for the subjugator, i now put pants back on and head to rite aid to pick up cheap pc speakers to dismantle... wish me luck... /post

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