Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#017 - subjugator, part 1

what you see is the schematic for my speaker amplifier... total cost to produce, roughly $20 (including the speaker)... picked up some cheap desktop speakers from rite aid today, took them apart and stripped the wires to what i need for later... the best part is the plastic speaker casing will make for a good front torso plate... the warstore shipped out my order, so the extra leg sprue will be here by friday... and tomorrow i get my second defiler kit to start knocking together the hips... pics of that will follow when it is assembled... i should be getting the electronic components by the weekend as well, so the first few steps are already planned for...

on another note, i am also in the final planning stages of building three 4x4 game tables so i don't have to rely on the game room every time i want to play... im tired of having to watch my minis, tired of not having music, tired of distractions, and tired of not being able to drink while i play... also, im tired of using the "game table" they have at the store - static terrain tables are good for tournaments, not for leisure...

also, the fantasy league starts sunday, and i have updated my list - low leadership was killing me in close combat, so i dropped some models and added more orcs... the increased morale and toughness should do much better in close combat, and at the same time i barely had to reduce my shooting (only dropped two bolt throwers in that department)... the black orc boss gives me a nice punch, and throwing a brick of 25 orcs isnt too shabby either... at least now i know i have a plan instead of just marching forward and hoping for the best... /post

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