Saturday, February 28, 2009

#019 - the work continues

so here we are, day two of the serious business that is engineering a death machine... let me start by saying that fun-tak is the best modeling tool ever... using the wondrous blue material, i managed to get the general idea for you all as shown above... the soda can isnt part of the model, by the way, just to support the beast without glue...

on a painting note, the legs can and should be attached at this point because the spacing on the undercarriage will not screw up my painting later on... there is plenty of room for the gold trim without being a bother, so the next step will be attaching the legs... the blastmaster will be fun-tak'd in and tested with a brush to see if i can get that on as well without problems on the painting... would be nice to get a large portion of the beast assembled so i can work on the rest without worry...

on another note, tomorrow is the first day of the fantasy league, and i am, as always, ready for action... whether or not i do well is another story, though, so let's see if the dice gods favor me on the morrow... /post

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